Let me tell you guys RIGHT NOW, that there are TONS of things to consider when deciding to become a stay-at-home dad. But addressing issues like gender roles, stereotypes, financial situations and household duties will go a long way in preparing you to be a successful stay-at-home dad and remaining HAPPY in the role into the future. Remember you may be in this for the LONG haul. STEEL yourself!

Remember that nice envelope or checks you got at the end of the week or month?? Miss it don’t you?? Yep, you will, trust me!! So PLEASE do the math and make sure that the family is taking steps to set up a good budget and a few inessential cuts among others – to help weather an already difficult economic period.

Be prepared to overturn, mentally especially, the flipping of traditional gender roles. This WILL be quite a challenge for everyone involved and be prepared to deal with the fact that you are not the provider everyone expects you to be. (your wife will have to deal with being the provider). It may not sound like much on the surface, but it will likely need to be something the both of you will have to address, now and in the future. You will need her support when the silly comment season opens( I will explain soon ,hang on ok?)

As a stay-at-home dad you will feel alone. No…lonely! Of course you love your kids but you WILL miss the office banter, the risqué jokes and all the other you enjoy doing with your colleagues. – no more animated talks about the big game. A lack of adult interaction can create a lonely place. Fight isolation by joining playgroups, connecting with other stay-at-home parents, finding time with friends and talking often with your spouse to make sure you feel connected to a more mature audience from time to time.

This job NEVER ends! Let me repeat, this JOB never ends. I’m not sure what the statistics are but I know from my own experience that stay-at-home dads may face a greater burnout rate than any other profession, dealing with a job that never ends can grow very thin. I kid you not.

Getting time to your self can feel like winning the lottery, so make sure you find time to keep up with your interests, and close friends and always remember why you took the job in the first place. These steps can help you keep burnout from over taking you.

Try to stay mentally sharp, ‘Curious George ‘‘Pinkie Dinky Do’ and ‘and ‘Franklyn’ may be great for the kids but they just wouldn’t cut it for most stay-at-home dads. Find time to read, chat online, watch a movie or take some classes to keep mentally sharp. Good luck and hang in there!!

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