What if you still have feelings for your ex girlfriend? Do you still stand a chance to get her back? What are your chances of success? Or do you WANT to get back with her? I’m assuming that you want to get back with her, so here’s what you should do!!
The one reality that you have to face is that both you and your ex have issues that led up to the relationship falling apart. Until these problems and issues are resolved, although there is a chance that you will get back together again, those same problems will arise again, and another break up will ensue.
So, what to do to ensure that your second time around is happier than the last. First of all, you and your ex need some time to get over the break up first. Let the hurt and anger disappear before you will be able to sit down, and discuss how you're going to fix the problems. You accept these things just as mistakes you've both made, and won't end up using those mistakes to blame each other for things that went wrong in the relationship. Another thing, it will be easier to promise each other to not make those mistakes again when you're not hurt and angry anymore,.
If you dump your girlfriend and try to her back know that she wasn't happy with being dumped by you originally. You’re definitely at an advantage! Simply forget about your ex !- for a while at least. There is only one reason why I'm saying this, and that is to give her some time to think things over. 
The next thing to do is to get you looking and feeling great again. You didn’t call your ex crying and sobbing about getting back together again, so you will definitely not appear like a weak-kneed idiot to her! 
On the contrary, when your ex next sees you, the shock of the total change in you will show on your ex's face - absolute amazement! How on earth could she have lost this man? This is yet another subtle way to show your ex just what she is missing, and encouraging her to call you and ask you to come back again.
Suddenly, the shoe is on the other foot - it is not you who is yearning to get your ex back, but your ex who is becoming quite desperate and is trying to pluck up the courage to call you and ask you to come back again!
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